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Toon Icons

The original community for sharing cartoon icons

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Welcome to toon_icons, the original community for sharing cartoon icons. This community is moderated by poisonivory and second_batgirl. If you have any questions, feel free to ask at any one of our personal journals. This is a laid back community, but there are a few rules – failure to follow the rules will result in a warning and repeated warnings will ultimately get you banned.

  1. Only cartoon icons are to be posted in this community. There is no restrictions as to where the icon originates, only that it be from animated source material. Icons that are considered off-topic will be deleted.
  2. Please only post icons in this community. (Mood themes are considered icons, at least as far as I'm concerned.) I'll allow other graphics, but please make sure your post is not purely other graphics, there are plenty of other communities for that. Icon tutorials can be linked to but not posted here. And absolutely no “pimping” of other communities. Off topic posts will be promptly deleted and a warning issued.
  3. Please do not post requests to the community. It tends to get out-of-hand far too quickly and clutters up people's friends' pages.
  4. Be lj-cut tag friendly. If you’re posting more than five icons it’s considered only polite to put them behind a cut. (Teasers are more than acceptable, though.) In addition, please don't post a long list of sources for your icons before a cut (i.e. listing every different anime your icons are from). If you have more than five sources, just give the first five or a general description (ex: "23 anime icons," "15 different Disney movies") and post the full list behind the cut.
  5. No icon stealing! Icon theft will not be tolerated - icon-makers are encouraged to report any thievery to communities such as i_theft. Be respectful of the icon-maker’s rules. If he/she doesn’t want to share their work, then you are not to take their icons under any circumstances. Credit them if they ask. And commenting is always appreciated whether you are taking icons or not – and usually expected if you are taking.
Interested in icon contests? Then you might be interested in joining our sister community - toon_icontest!

Many thanks to singingllama for the incredible header banner!

Updated: June 28, 2005
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